Nissan Patrol

The Nissan Patrol is a compelling package of muscle and sophistication, combining legendary power, superior comfort and authentic off-road capability. Imposing looks and bold styling make a big impression outside, while high standards of refinement and luxury are found inside. Unstoppable power and torque allows you to get into and out of tough terrain with ease, bringing a satisfying new perspective to all your pursuits. Experience it. Push boundaries and shift the limits of off-road adventure. No hesitation.

Nissan Patrol

No Hesitation

Tough. Rugged. Powerful. And willing to go wherever and beyond with high performance petrol and turbo diesel models. The proven durability of Nissan engine technology in the 4.8 litre petrol engine has been refined and perfected to take top honours in the most gruelling international off-road motorsport events. Choose between manual or automatic transmission with manual shift mode. Enjoy fuel-efficient high-speed highway cruising in automatic mode. Take full advantage of the swift five speed tiptronic for maximum performance.

Toughing it shouldn’t mean roughing it

Space and seating were designed with comfort and adaptability firmly in mind. With up to 2 226 litres to swallow whatever equipment or luggage you may need, load space is something you’ll never have to worry about again. Then there’s the highly adjustable rear seat configuration – seven seats, three rows, split, reclining, folding… armrests, cupholders, and deep door pockets cater for your family’s every need and comfort.

Nissan Patrol

A Heritage of Advancing Safety

When you climb into your Nissan Patrol, you can be rest assured that everything from the body to the headlights has been designed with your safety in mind. The legend of the Nissan Patrol has been inspired by the ruggedness of its immensely strong, separate ladder chassis, all-steel body with extended and reinforced crumple zones and steel anti-intrusion bars. The entire framework of your Nissan Patrol is designed to reduce the effect of primary and secondary impact.

Pick a destination… Any destination

Its superior handling is enhanced with all-round, multi-link suspension,which provides reassuring high-speed stability with a calm and supple ride on-road. Heavy-duty coil springs smooth out the bumps and boulders for excellent durability and ride comfort. Add telescopic front and rear shock absorbers and stabiliser bars for improved cornering, and you get the confidence that comes with authentic off-road power and performance. The Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) detects what sort of surface the Nissan Patrol is on, and automatically adjusts itself to best handle the situation should you have to brake suddenly. What’s more, the actual construction of the Nissan Patrol is geared towards safety and ride comfort – whatever the ride.

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