Nissan Patrol Pickup

Whatever sort of work you’ve got to do, the Nissan Patrol Cab Chassis has all the guts and strength you need. It’s also big in comfort and storage to get the most out of your work day. To get the really big jobs done, you need power. Lots of it. The Nissan Patrol Cab Chassis’ 3.0 litre turbo diesel pumps out 118kW of power to take care of any situation. And there’s terrific low down torque for you when things get tough and slow.

Nissan Patrol Pickup

Make work easy

The Nissan Patrol Pickup is engineered for crossing broken terrain in an almost nonchalant fashion thanks to the heavy-duty coil sprung suspension up front and leaf springs at the rear. Solid axles at both ends ensure that there’s no fear of bottoming out vulnerable bits over broken terrain. All models come with a 80 litre main tank. Fewer trips to fill up. More time to get the job done.

All the drive you need

The Nissan Patrol Pickup is incredibly tough. It has a strong steel body that is built on a separate ladder chassis and extra structural strength comes from specially designed rungs. And dirt is no problem thanks to its high ground clearance and a 700mm wading depth. You’ll thank us for it.


When you have to stop suddenly, the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) pumps the brakes faster than you possibly can, helping to prevent wheel lockup so you can maintain steering control.

Nissan Patrol Pickup

Easy Towing

The Nissan Patrol Pickup has a whopping 3,200kg braked towing capacity. Enough for hauling during the week and taking the boat or other toys out on the weekends.



The go anywhere Nissan Patrol has a number of commercial and 4×4 accessories that include a steel front bumper that is winch compatible plus 4-ton winch.

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