Isuzu N Series Reward

Light-Duty Trucks GVM 3.1- 9.5ton

N-Series REWARD brings higher performance on every level with styling, power, economical operation and safety features geared to increased capacity. By offering a wide range of GVM, REWARD meets the needs of business with a model perfect for every application while working in harmony with society and the environment.

Solid and Sculpted

isuzu n series boxy cab

A Boxy cab with upright front pillars and side body creates a design of functional beauty that is both aerodynamic and makes efficient use of space.

Powerful and Tough

4jj1-tc engine

Next-Generation engines build on the proven performance of ISUZU powerplants.  Power and durability are taken to a higher level. (Shown is 4JJ1-TC Engine)



Standard Cab, rear single wheel.


GVM 5,200 – 5,500kg


GVM 6,000 – 7,000kg



GVM 8,000 – 9,500kg



GVM 6,000kg

A Truck for Every Application

There is a wide variety of rear bodies, application-specific models and modifications to choose from, depending on the specialised needs of your business.

cargo crew cab

Crew Cab – Three Drop Gate

cargo 3 drop gate

Three Drop Gate



Safe and Secure, Always.

Passive and Active Safety measures with a more rigid cab and reduced weight are taking truck safety in a new direction.

Passive Safety

Seat Belt

ELR 3-point system seatbelts

 (Center seat : 2-points) Effectively restrain and protect driver and passengers during a collision.


Reinforced door waist

Minimizes distortion in the shape of the cab in the event of accident.

Active Safety


drum brakes

Front and rear drum brakes

Extra-large brakes improve braking performance.

Enhanced Braking

Full air braking in GVM 9.5 ton model is engineered for tough conditions and meets ECE regulations. A wheel park lever locks wheels in place.

Exhaust brake (option)

Assures safe stopping every time, even when fully loaded.


fog lamp

Fog lamps (option)

Increase the level of safety during nighttime operation.

Multi-reflector halogen headlamps

Clear resin lenses and step reflectors provide outstanding illumination over a broad area to improve nighttime visibility and safety.

Door-side turning lamps

Improved side visibility alerts others sharing the road to the presence of the vehicle and helps prevent accidents. Cornering lamps are also available.



Wide field of vision

Drivers enjoy a clear view of the area surrounding the vehicle, making safety checks easy and reducing driving fatigue.

Compound curvature outside mirrors

Mirror surfaces feature a compound curvature, enhancing indirect views.

Jet wipers

Enhanced wiper performance for a clear windshield.

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