Isuzu F Series Forward

From global companies to local distributors, businesses around the world count on FORWARD for the innovative design, versatility and dependable performance that are vital to success. The nine models in the FORWARD series feature optimized wheelbases for greater load capacity and body-mounting capability. With the addition of the heavy-hauling GVR-a new 32-ton GCM tractor based on the FVR truck and choice of five powerplants, there is always a FORWARD model that’s right for your business.

Isuzu FTR

Rugged and Reliable

Isuzu F Series Forward

Power, Performance, Payload


4 x 2 Driving System.
GVM 10.4 ton.



4 x 2 Driving System.
GVM 11.0 ton/13.0 ton.



4 x 2 Driving System.
GVM 15.0 ton/17.0 ton.


6 x 2 Driving System.
GVM 25.0 ton.



4 x 4 Driving System.
GVM 10.0 ton.


4 x 4 Driving System.
GVM 13.0 ton.

A Truck for Every Application

There is a wide variety of rear bodies, application-specific models and modifications to choose from, depending on the specialised needs of your business.

F series applications

Optimized for capacity and reliability

With a rigid chassis and optimal wheelbase dimensions, FORWARD is engineered to handle punishing conditions, heavy loads and a broad variety of rear bodies. Placing the front axle slightly to the rear not only maximizes capacity, it also reduces overall length and allows for larger cab steps. Net benefit: greater capacity, easier body mounting and better cab access.

Visibility and protection from every angle

The exceptional visibility of highly rigid FORWARD cabs is due in part to their boxy design, which increases window area. Upward and downward forward visibility is first-rate, and large side mirrors give excellent rear views. Defrosters keep side windows clear.


  • Enhanced braking
  • Safe stopping and parking at all times
  • Designed for easy maintenance
  • Simplified fluid inspection and other service work

Easy handling and precision control

FORWARD takes handling and control to the next level. Chassis and drivetrain enhancements work together with easy-to-read indicators and switches to give unmatched control over vehicle operations. Day in and day out, drivers will appreciate the flawless handling and easy operation. Featuring power steering / adjustable column, high-visibility meters, and simple operation, smooth and effortless shifting, a crawler gear to move big loads, inter differential lock / center differential lock / 4WD switches.

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